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Two women smiling, one with smooth dry hair and the other with curly dry hair, near a car.

Why do I have dry hair?

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Imagine the following scene: you are in a friends' wheel and the subject of the turn is hair.

Most of them complain about the problems they face on a daily basis with the oily threads, while you, in a completely opposite situation, do not know what to say because they have dry hair? Do not worry. Just like the oily or mixed threads, dry hair is nothing more than one more type of hair. Because of purely genetic issues, the sebaceous glands in your scalp produce less oil than is necessary to moisturize the entire yarn.

Another explanation for dry hair is in the natural shape of the hair. Because of its characteristic ringed form, curly and curly hair are usually drier, as the natural oil that leaves the root travels a much longer way to get to the tips, unlike what happens, for example, with straight hair , In which this process occurs practically in a straight line.

But is your hair really dry or just dry? Have you been committing capillary sins? Here you discover everything and a little more about the dryness of the threads. Either way, it's worth analyzing your patience care routine to try to figure out where the problem is. But do not forget to also ask the opinion of a dermatologist. Only a hair specialist can give you the exact diagnosis of how to treat your hair, whether dry or dry.

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    Dry or dry hair?

    If dry hair is something permanent, the dry hair is a state in which it loses strength and becomes porous, rough and brittle.

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    Causes of dryness

    Drying the threads can be caused by a number of factors. Some of the most common are as follows:

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    Lack of hydration

    Where's your treatment cream, huh?

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    Excess of chemicals

    Straighteners such as progressive brush, and colorations.

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    Excesso de calor

    The use without moderation (and without thermal protector) of dryer, as well as baths with hot water are villains of hydrated hair.

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    Excess washing

    Yes, washing the hair too much removes the natural oil from the scalp and, consequently, the hydration of the hair.

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    Hormonal changes

    Like disorders related to thyroid, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause.