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Model with long hair on the beach to illustrate the article about hair care in the summer.

Manual of hair in summer

Care in hot season

It is true that the hottest season of the year is best when it comes to travel, sun, sea, shade and fresh water.

However, excess heat, salt water and pool chlorine can also be quite harmful to your hair. You do not want to ruin all the great work you've done with your yarns all year long, have not you? So do not forget to bring some products and tricks to keep your hair in the summer.

  • 1

    Hydration = Success

    After days of sun and sea, your wires will dry out. So remember to take a treatment cream in the suitcase.

  • 2

    Attention to chlorine

    If the pool makes your beach, protect your wires with a swimming cap. It is also worth rinsing them with fresh water with each dive.

  • 3

    Play in Accessories

    Straw hats, silk or satin scarves, turbans ... In addition to beautiful, they shield the yarn from the harmful effects of UV rays.

  • 4

    Leave-in with sunscreen already

    This almost magical product helps to untangle the wires more easily and, still, protects the hair from the sun.