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Woman with blonde hair with smooth glitter, looking at a glass and smiling.

Always shining hair

Capriche in hydration

You want to have shiny hair, but do you think this is just a distant dream?

Know that it does not have to be this way. With changes of simple habits and good products in your favor, nothing can prevent her from conquering that moment of diva. We've put together a list of practical tips for you to follow on from day to day and always shine. Check it!

  • 1

    Unfolding the hair with brilliance

    The glow in the hair is nothing more than the sunlight reflected on a smooth surface. The smoother the surface, the brighter the intensity. This does not mean that curly and curly hair can not have shiny hair, but that the hair cuticles (the correct naming for the outer layer of the hair) should be closed, protected and aligned. This occurs much less intensely when the wires are dry, damaged or filled with frizz. Hence the lack of brightness of the wires.

  • 2

    In washing the wires

    One of the great secrets for beautiful hair is to bet on specific products for your hair type. Only in this way can you fully meet the needs your wires need most at the moment. And everything starts in the wash, with shampoo and conditioner. Enjoy the shampoo step to do a gentle massage on the scalp. In this way, you eliminate the impurities from the root completely and still activate the circulation of the scalp, causing the strands to grow stronger.

    Allow time for the conditioner to act: use the product to untangle the wires with the hands during the bath for at least 5 minutes. This helps them stay hydrated and aligned.

    Also, remember the last rinse, which should be cool: this temperature shock helps close the cuticles more quickly. You can use this trick also with the latest jet of cool air from the dryer!

  • 3

    In the act of untangling the hair

    Broken hair is practically synonymous with dull hair. So pay more attention in the direction that you untangle your hair. Do you start from the root and go to the ends? 'Cause it's time to stop it right now. Try to start combing the ends and then to the root: this is the safest way to avoid broken wires or those giant knots at the ends.

  • 4

    In hydration

    A glossy hair needs to be hydrated. Believe me, this step is a lot less complicated than it sounds. Once a week at your house, use a treatment cream between the shampoo and conditioner. Powerful, it returns the water and nutrients needed for its wires to leave the porosity aside and become beautiful and healthy again.

  • 5

    In maintaining its cut

    How long have you not trimmed the length? If the answer is more than three months, know that this may be interfering with the brightness of your hair. But do not be afraid of scissors if you are a fan of long hair: New techniques like embroidery cut or velatherapy can eliminate double ends and creepy strands without changing the size of your hair.