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Two women with natural hair, with bikini on the beach and smiling.

Most beautiful natural hair

Healthier Yarns

Who said that achieving beautiful and healthy natural hair needs to be the most difficult task in the world? That nothing!

If you begin to change old habits and add new ones in your care routine already during the hair transitional phase, period that leads to curly or curly hair growing again free from chemicals, you will realize that this mission is in fact nothing impossible .

Discover good practices for getting your dream natural hair!

  • 1

    Discover your type of cluster

    Yes, there are several types, ranging from the more open curly to the tightly closed curly. Consult a hairdresser to discover yours!

  • 2

    Hands away from hair

    Try to control the irresistible urge to knead or roll the strings. Aside from leaving them dirty, you'll just undo your curls.

  • 3

    Hydrates, hydrates, hydrates

    Choose the quietest day of your week for you to make a true home spa with treatment cream and combing cream!

  • 4

    Change the routine before bed

    Swap your pillowcase for a choice of satin or silk: the less friction between fabric and hair, the less creepy hairs early on.

  • 5

    Cut the wires every 2 months

    More frequent haircutting helps natural hair grow stronger and healthier, free of double ends and chemicals.