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Model with straight and long hair with skateboard to illustrate the article How to take care of hair with chemistry.

Beautiful hair with chemistry

Away from poorly treated threads

Hair chemistry does not have to be synonymous with damaged or dried hair.

They can be colorful, with smoothing and, yes, incredibly soft, moisturized, with lots of luster and frizz-free and double ends! But how to achieve all these benefits? Easy. Start betting on good specific products for your hair type and follow simple but very smart tip. For hair with the most beautiful and healthy chemistry ...

  • 1

    Opt for specific products

    Accept, your hair is not the same anymore. So give preference to fortifying products such as keratin and ginseng root.

  • 2

    Do not wash your hair too much

    Try to alternate the washing days and, if the oiliness bother, bet on practical products like dry shampoo on the day after.

  • 3

    Hydrates, hydrates, hydrates

    Hydration is key to hair with chemistry! At home, bet on treatment creams to leave your strong wires back.

  • 4

    Abuse of thermal protector


    Shielding your wires from heat is essential for them to remain healthy. Apply the product before any thermal apparatus.

  • 5

    Cut the wires frequently


    In addition to giving a new face to your wires, a good cut has the power to rid your hair of chemistry of the unwanted double ends.