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Blonde model with red cap to illustrate article 4 Easy tips to better take care of colored hair.

More colorful hair

Easy Tips

Colored hair does not need to be faded, dry or dull.

Far from it! To conquer the colored hair of dreams, the first step is to understand that your wires are no longer the same as before the tincture. In the most common process of hair coloring, the hair is discolored with hydrogen peroxide or ammonia and decolorizing powder. This means that the products act by removing the pigments from the natural color of the wires so that the new one is applied thereafter. But not just the color: the procedure also removes keratin, the protein responsible for the strength of the yarn, making them naturally more fragile and sensitive, especially if you maintain old habits of care. So if coloring is a recent concern for you, be aware of the following changes:

  • 1

    Bet on specific products

    Now you need to not only preserve the color but also leave the wires more moisturized. Go for oils, keratin and ceramides!

  • 2

    Understand each color

    Be aware of the specific care for each color! Blonde hair can benefit from shampoos with violet or blue pigment.

  • 3

    Do not skip the hydration step

    Once a week, apply a treatment cream on the wires. If you want to color up, add a toner to the product.

  • 4

    Protect your hair from the heat

    Heat is one of the main villains of healthy hair. Apply a thermal protector whenever you use thermal devices, okay?