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Model with perfect smooth hair smiles.

Straight, light and loose hair

How to fight frizz

Fool anyone who thinks flat hair does not require special care.

Like any other type of hair, it is necessary to bet on a routine with specific products for you to win more soft, moisturized wires, with movement, brightness and of course, free of frizz. But do you know what they are? We've prepared this simple yet efficient checklist with the fundamental products to keep your slick perfect every day.

Check it out without moderation!

  • 1

    Shampoo and conditioner always

    Shampoo and conditioner specific for smooth hair have actives that moisturize the wires from the root to the tips without leaving them heavy.

  • 2

    Add treatment cream

    Do not skip hydration! Once a week, use treatment cream to give back the water and nutrients your yarn needs.

  • 3

    Leave-in in hands

    In cream or spray form, the leave-in is essential to protect the hair from the heat, from the dreaded frizz and of course from the knots and from the break.

  • 4

    Serum or treatment oil

    Slim and textured dry, both are great to apply just after brushing. Guaranteed combat to creepy hair!

  • 5

    Mousse for volume

    It is the ideal product for fine smooth hair. Its aerated texture can be applied from the root, which is raised and textured.